Gender Development Researcher

FSS is looking for qualified applicants for the following open positions.

Job Overview

  • Salary and Benefits :Attractive
  • Employment type :permanent basis after probation period

Job Title

Gender Development Researcher

Job Requirement

Objective /Responsibilities

The Gender and Development Researcher ensure that gender outputs, activities and consideration are fully implemented as part of and mainstreamed into the project .The successful applicant will be tasked with the following responsibilities:

  Management and Coordination Tasks

  • Generally the Gender and Development Researcher is expected to ensure that all aspects of the project related to the gender work are developed, Implemented ,Monitored and reported

Specific Tasks include :

Addis Market buy & Sell in Ethiopia -Addis Mercato
  • Identify research priorities ,Funding sources or partners, expert in the areas of gender and development
  • Initiate and develop research projects on gender and economic development issues
  • Carry out research on development –related themes
  • Produce research reports and other written works for publication
  • Develop and manage for any short-term/specialized consultancy to support the implementation of the projects
  • Prepare concise and results-Oriented progress report every six months related to the gender work,-participate in the project Management Committee Meetings and prepare presentations/documents as requested
  • Develop and document good practices and lessons learned on gender and Climate change /NDCS at the national and sub national levels.
  • Assist with organizing and promoting learning and knowledge events at the national and sub national levels in coordination with other key partner and stakeholders
  • Initiate and maintains active contact with researcher and members to facilitate the conduct of FSS policy researcher
  • Participate in and coordinates workshop ad conferences on gender and development themes
  • Participate in fundraising ,promotional and networking activities and annual budget and work plans
  • Carry out other related tasks assigned by the research and publication Director and/or the Executive Director


  • Substantive experience conducting research and analysis in gender equality and at least one other related theme
  • Demonstrated substantive experience in understanding policy and programmatic on policy and programmatic policy and programmatic issues with national and local governments and civil Society organizations
  • Excellent analytical writing ,and Communications skills
  • Demonstrated ability work in an independent Manner
  • Work experience in relevant technical areas for at least 7 years in climate change/environment and gender
  • Proven ability to undertake gender analysis, design relevant criteria and gender strategy

Person Specification/Desirable

  • Master’s Degree or above in Gender ,Development /Sustainable Development or a related field
  • Demonstrated substantive experience (at least 7 Years) in working with project management and undertaking policy and programmatic analysis work in the areas of gender and development
  • Experience in design of gender and development capacity building projects and tools
  • Experience in Producing reports in gender and Communication skills relevant to the position

       How To Apply

Interested applicants who meet the minimum requirements can apply by sending their detailed CV of(not more than 3 pages and a cover letter together with their copies credentials by mail) or in person at FSS Office around Kebena(Arada subcity wereda 07)

P.O.Box:25864 Code 1000

E-mail: or

Tel .0111-54-56-05

Fss is an equal opportunity employer. Fss Consider all applicants based on merit regardless of sex,color,religion,ethnicity,martial status or disability

Women are encouraged to apply and only short-listed applicants will be contacted

Deadline: March 18, 2021

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