6 Open Jobs at Fortune Newspaper Addis Ababa

Fortune would like to hire qualified applicants for the following open positions.
He or she must be able to supervise and train reporters, handle the pressure of daily deadlines, and lead by example with truly top-notch writing and reporting skills. Applicants must have the ability to develop excellent sources and produce groundbreaking stories about the business sector, together with the reporters they work with. The successful candidate must be a self-starter with the ability to react to and cover breaking news and also identify trends and write diverse features from business arena.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess a working knowledge of both public and business sectors and have the ability to write daily reports and edit, if necessary, weekly news stories for and about the economies of Ethiopia and other countries in the region. The work requires the ability to file weekly story budgets and give editors advance notices of stories in progress. The ideal candidate will have excellent organisational skills and the ability to meet strict deadlines and work in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment. Three to five years of experience in writing for newsletters or economic journals or working in a media environment is preferred but not required.
SECTION:                               Editorial
PLACE OF WORK:                  Addis Abeba
COMPENSATION:                    A gross monthly salary of 20,000.00    (Twenty Thousand) Birr, and additional    benefits to be negotiated.
JOB SUMMARY:            

The successful candidate will work closely with the Editor-in-Chief and other senior editorial managers to identify compelling stories and create editorial packages for both online and print forms. Occasional travel is possible. The candidate will be involved in content development, trafficking, and quality control as well as working with the design team in marrying content to visual concepts and page designs and the digital team in coordinating print and online content. Preference will be given to candidates who have ample experience in content and production management, superior content and copyediting skills, and solid managerial skills.
Applicants must have a first degree in Economics, Finance, Law, Management, Journalism, or Political Science.


Required Candidate:         Two
Place of Work:                 Addis Abeba
Compensation:                 Attractive

Job Summary: 

The successful candidates will be responsible with repurposing and publishing content including news articles, features, columns, business indicators, etc. to Addis Fortune’s website. The candidates will also be involved in tagging articles. In addition, the candidates should have a strong understanding of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, to provide interactive content for Addis Fortune’s social media followers by repurposing its newspaper content. The candidates will be posting published material into the website’s archive platform and preparing weekly newsletters for posting to our subscribers.
Required Qualification: 
Applicants must have a university degree, with a keen interest in journalism and outstanding work ethic. Applicants must be technologically savvy.


We are looking for graphic designers to join our creative team. Responsibilities include but are not limited to creative designs and layouts of the newspaper and marketing materials for print, online, banners, and live events. Applicants must have excellent typographic sense and be able to express abstract concepts graphically in a dynamic manner. Candidates must have two years of graphic design and front-end online design experience, strong organisational skills, and a working knowledge of In Design, Photoshop and lllustrator CS.

We are searching for candidates who are graduates of law, political science, journalism, economics, finance, or literature from recognised universities. The ideal candidate should 1) have exceptional writing and reporting skills. 2) Applicants must be well-grounded in news and have the ability to uncover stories about the economic and business sectors. 3) Candidates must be able to write five originally sourced news stories each week, in addition to an unspecified number of shorter, non-reported daily briefs. 4) Be able to handle the pressures of daily deadlines, not be intimidated by workload pressure and stress. Experience is preferred but is not a strict requirement. Some travel for coverage may be required.

We are interested in hiring a promising photojournalist join our editorial team in our bid to visually tell the story of others in a “record what  you see and present what  you saw” manner. Applicants should have the desire to be “out and about”, having the technical proficiency to tell a story using electronic cameras and computers.
In addition to the understanding of the technology currently used in cameras, lens, other supportive accessories and sufficient literacy of software used, candidates are required to display their commitment  to ethical standard, for today’s world is full of image manipulation for purposes of advertising, commercials and enhanced effects in film.
Applicants with two years of photographic experience, strong organisational skills, and values for the news industry that photos may be adjusted electronically to make them plain to readers but should not be manipulated to alter their meaning are preferred.

Successful candidates are those persistent  in getting the stories without being obnoxious.


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