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Ethiopian CV Format PDF and Word Templets to Download

Get free Ethiopian CV formats to download in Microsoft Word or PDF formats.

The 3 most popular professional resume formats

Resume formats refer to how your resume is organized. Functional, chronological and combination (sometimes referred to as hybrid) are the three standard resume formats used across most industries. You should choose the professional resume format that best highlights your work experience and skills. However, many job seekers are unclear on how to choose the best resume format for the job they want.

LiveCareer offers a wide selection of resume templates, all of which can be organized into any of the three most popular professional resume formats. In addition, you decide whether to download your chosen resume format in Word, PDF or Simple Text files. Here is a guide to choosing the best resume format for your experience level.

  1. Chronological Resume Format

The choice for experienced professionals

This is a good resume format for:

  • Job seekers who have worked in the same industry for many years
  • Applicants who want to show off an impressive career progression
  • Anyone who is applying for an executive-level position

Download Free CV Templet – Click Here

Ethiopia Free Resume Template

2. Functional Resume Format

The best format for entry-level applicants

This is a good resume format for:

  • Job seekers who have little to no work experience
  • Applicants who want to show off their skills and education
  • Those with multiple gaps in their employment history

3. Combination Resume Format

The preference of mid-career professionals

This is a good resume format for:

  • Job seekers who have had at least two jobs in their field
  • Applicants who have a solid mix of skills and experience
  • Those entering a field wherein they have work experience after an extended leave.



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