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Yonatan BT Furniture

About Us

YONATAN BT PLC is as the name stated a private limited company, which is established in 1989 EC. The factory is located in Oromia state fin fine vicinity special zone, Burayu town, commonly known as Tatek area. Currently, the company employees diverse workforce of about team members to support its operations the factory have created a showplace of uncomplicated beauty and charm with our collections that are pure, simple everyday elegance. The showroom is one located in Winget area, the second one located on the way of Churchill road at Eshetu Mamo building and the other one is located on Bole Tome tower. And also the company has imported products of the best quality as brand name furniture from other Countries but without charging their high price. Better yet, by buying Ethiopian rather than other Countries, you significantly you reduce your foreign exchange risk.

Today Yonatan BT manufacturing private limited company produces a wide range of exclusive finally-crafted furniture out of its recently expanded. Our company furniture is simple, fresh and completely at ease with splendid finishing, our furniture is designed with the customer in mind that are time-honored, design rendered in the finest woods and richest textile.

The growth of the company is the efforts of the entire dedicated, skilled professional’s team. Our strength lies in that we have highly skilled technical sales and service team comprising of professionally salespersons and our employee’s installers and maintenance team works together to ensure the proper installation so as to maintain the standard of quality.

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