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Tamno Trading PLC (IMPORT & EXPORT)

About Us

Tamno trading PLC (IMPORT & EXPORT) , has designed an objective of being Ethiopian best and valued Ethiopian origin coffee arabica and oilseeds, pulses and spices leading export business enterprise in Ethiopia and for Africa. Its principal philosophy is not only benefiting Tamno trading PLC (IMPORT & EXPORT).

A business itself, but also bringing benefit to society and the country and it operates in as it strongly believes that private and public interests are two sides of coin. The foundation for our endeavors and values we have is to place prime importance on keeping our words, integrity, trust, accountability, sound management, and benefit the society, and not to pursue easy gains.

Having the support of customers, employees, and stakeholders, We are proud of our achievements to date and we are committed to continually enhancing our capabilities to ensure that forefront of our business lines. I am confident that we will live up to your high expectations look forward to your continued support and patronage.


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