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HAST Enterprise is the first business entity established by Seid Hassen and his family on their own. It was established in 2000 with a capital of 10,000.00 Birr the Company is registered in the name of Ato Seid Hassen and now has a total capital of more than 60 Million ETB.
HAST has grown from 10,000.00 ETB initial capital in 2000 to more than 60 million in 2019/20. The company proved its success with annual revenue of more than 800 million ETB and profit of more than 25 million for the last year (2019-2020). The incredible performance can be seen from the high growth rate in revenue and profits.
The outstanding performance has a direct relations to the tax paid to Inland Revenue. The total tax paid this and for the year 2019 amounts more than 20 million ETB which include profit tax, payroll tax and Value Added Tax.

Address: Uganda street, Just 600 meters from T/haymanot roundabout on the way to Abinet


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