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Eijo Trading PLC

Something About Company

Eijo Trading PLC – is a coffee exporting company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Eijo supplies genuine Ethiopian organic coffee to the global market. Since its establishment, Eijo has been exporting both specially prepared traceable and commercial coffee beans directly to the global coffee buyers and roasters.

Our Philosophy

One of the most important elements of any business is reliability. We are always honest to our promises. We don’t compromise on quality. In line with this belief, our business philosophy heralds: “Eijo brings out the best!” This is to show that we always strive for best quality, best service and best reputation.

By: Mekdes


To make a difference in the business culture of our country.


To become a leading and effective trade hub in the country.


Our primary goal is to supply the specially prepared high quality traceable coffee beans to our clients. Since its establishment, our company has been advancing a direct supply-chain partnership with several coffee producers and suppliers who are owning coffee washing and drying stations; and have already made partnership agreements with the potential coffee producers by vertical integration sourcing methods in several coffee growing areas such as Sidama, Yirgacheffee, Jimma, Limmu, Keffa, Nekemit and Benchi Maji areas of Ethiopia. The company has built itself on pillars of quality coffee export, honesty, integrity and reliability. Our team is composed of highly qualified people with accumulated experience of many years in the coffee industry. These have been instrumental in ensuring our business partners’ satisfaction.

What Makes Us Different?

Commitment: We strictly work on the highest attention for quality and satisfaction of our clients by providing premium quality coffee beans.

Sustainability: We work in all our capacity to provide sustainable product quality and establish long term business relationship with our buyer’s.

On time Delivery:

We understand the significance of on-time order delivery in business. That is why we give the highest possible attention on the issue.

Simply speaking, on-time delivery is the ability of businesses to meet the customers’ demands and deliver products to the customers punctually. It sounds easy as pie, but it weights. We always ship our products that our buyer’s sampled on time and we are always dedicated to our customers’ schedules and on timely bases of shipments.

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